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Amo Morbia is ready for a mixed boxing battle with Darrius. Larger than his average opponent, it looks like it’s going to be a tough fight for him. Can Amo knock him out? See more on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.


Laura vs Darrius mixed boxing fight continues! We go into round 5 with Laura looking a bit rough, but still ready to box. Despite getting tagged, she still comes after Darrius again and again. After getting knocked down, she struggles to get to her feet. Darrius then pins her against the ropes and works her tight body. Laura gets punished! Darrius is in complete control of this fight, but Laura refuses to give up. She is battered around the ring repeatedly, punished in the corner, and knocked down several times before Darrius lands the shot that puts her lights out. See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.

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Femdom Mixed Boxing

The long awaited mixed boxing video featuring Laura is here! This firey babe has quite the mean streak, and at the start of the video takes Duncan completely apart in a quick one sided mixed boxing beatdown. She works him over in the corner endlessly, hammering his face and midsection with hard shots! When he falls limp to the canvas, Laura stands over him, asking if anyone can beat her. Darrius steps up for the challenge but for starters is getting the same treatment Duncan did. Laura is kicking his ass! She taunts Darrius as she punishes him, him and hammering him while she has him cornered. She gets careless though, and frustrated as Darrius clinches, leaving herself open. Darrius begins to fight back, and both fighters take their turns punishing the other. The match is more back and forth as part one comes to a close, but who will pull out a victory?

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The boxing battle of fake tits vs real tits continues! Both girls are still lively and trading punches, their breasts bouncing with each hit. After knocking Kymberly down, Nicole starts dishing out some real breast punishment as she pounds away on Kym’s tits. They continue to trade blows, but Nicole’s focus on Kymberly’s boobs has Kym aching and rubbing them as she gets knocked down. Then Nicole starts dishing out low blows, landing an uppercut between Kym’s legs! Kym’s had enough, and starts giving Nicole a taste of her own medicine. This match features tit punching, belly punching, a little cunt busting, as well as hot boxing action! Once Kym has Nicole down and really, she adds insult to injury with some major breast smothering! After beating Nicole down some more, Kym finishes her off with a big uppercut, and bounces as she dances around in victory proclaiming real boobs are better! See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.


Topless boxing! Kymberly Jane is stripping out of her top in preparation of her match with Nicole Oring. Nicole comments on how Kymberly’s tits are not as nice and perky as hers. Kymberly loves her tits, and thinks that her bigger real are better than Nicole’s fake tits any day. Heated words lead the girls to glove up and go at each other, in this. Both girls knock each other around, but Nicole doing a little boob boxing seems to target Kymberly’s tits early and often. Kymberly complains that Nicole is fighting dirty, but Nicole mocks her, and pounds more on Kymberly’s boobs. Kymberly is able to comeback landing some hard punches to Nicole’s face, body and, breasts! Both girls hit the canvas as the battle over the better breast takes a heavy toll. Who will win this boxing boob battle?

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Now Darrius gets a turn with Andrea! Duncan wasn’t happy after being so soundly humiliated and destroyed, so he takes a little souvenir and leaves Andrea to box with Darrius, topless! She is caught by surprise and Darrius punishes her in a one-sided boxing match, getting revenge for Duncan and having his way with her. See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.

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Andrea graces our studio in her HTM premiere match to take on Duncan. She’s seen him box and is unimpressed with his skills and she thinks it will not take very long. Duncan walks in, while she is warming up, to confront her talking, and immediately Andrea pops him in the face with a left jab. From that point Andrea just pummels over matched Duncan, all over the mats. Duncan tries to land some punches, but Andrea’s skill is too much for him. She blocks, slips, bobs and weaves every punch he throws, while he is basically a punching bag for her. Andrea knocks Duncan to the mats several times. The only thing more painful than her punches is the beautiful smile she has on her face as she avoids Duncan’s punches, and knocks him around with her own. Will Duncan ever be able to get over this loss, or will he go back and train more for this boxing beauty?

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The conclusion of the epic battle between Darrius and Amanda! Darrius comes out at the bell looking ready to finish off his pretty opponent, while Amanda doesn’t even seem to know where she is. Darrius knocks her down easily with a combination of seemingly endless hooks. Amanda staggers to her feet, only to be knocked down again and again. Darrius is a good sport, and invites her to take a free shot. She doesn’t even come close, and her pounding continues. Body shots, hooks and uppercuts to the chin send her to her knees again and again. One final combo puts out her lights for the 10 count, and Darrius is the winner by knockout! See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.

Images from this match also available in high resolution!

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The bell sounds for Round Seven of this exciting mixed boxing battle, and the action heats up right away! Amanda misses the opening swing and Darrius begins to punish her. Tired and dazed, Amanda is in trouble and takes a belly beating with her back against the wall. She is frustrated and swinging wildly but can’t seem to land a single blow! Darrius shots always seem to find their mark though, punishing combination after combination sends Amanda sliding to the floor. Darrius completely dominates these rounds, knocking down Amanda repeatedly as well as holding her up for more punishment. Does this spell the end for our lovely boxing blonde? See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.

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When we last left these two skilled fighters, Darrius had just taken the advantage over the super hot blonde Amanda. This clip starts off with Darrius pummeling Amanda mercilessly, her pretty face getting rocked by his powerful repeated blows. She tries to fight back, but gets her stomach pounded while her back is against the wall. Amanda is in serious trouble! She is staggered around the room and knocked down several times. Darrius must hold her up to continue the punishment. The feisty blonde still has some fight left in her, but these rounds see Amanda dazed and dominated. See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.

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