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  • From: egith2003

    Dream come true! I just got a look at a custom match that I recently
    commissioned: Santana vs Kharma (Jennifer Thomas).

    Anytime Santana is involved, there’s likely to be a delay but HTM stayed on her
    for a couple of weeks and finally pulled it off. It was worth the wait. Both
    ladies did a remarkable job of acting out the script. I hope the group moderator
    will post photos of the match soon(?)

    Sanatana of course is the all-time goddess of ladies wrestling and a very
    under-rated actress. Jennifer is a total fox, didn’t really come through
    previously for me from her still photos. She’s a sexpot in her own right and a
    great actress/wrestler.

    My match was intended more as a sensual seduction rather than a sweaty wrestling
    match. Both ladies readily picked up on the theme and brought it to life. Don’t
    know whether it reflects the wrestlers’ work ethic or HTM’s directing but the
    net effect allows one to bring their most colorful fantasy to life.

    I love it! I love them! Don’t want to sound too much like a commercial but this
    should certainly serve as my endorsement of HTM’s custom service.

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