Vintage Foxy Boxing – Sam Grace vs Allie Parker
Genre: Female Boxing
Length: 23 mins

The Lingerie Boxing Championships continue! Allie “Punch Em Out” Parker destroyed Dez Desire when they duked it out, and now “Spicy” Samantha Grace steps through the ropes. Sam comes from a long line of foxy boxing champions, and shows “Sweet Cheeks” Allie no respect! It’s a big glove, big swinging, head snapping and belly beating 4 round boxing bout, and the loser will have to “toughen up” as they get bound up as boxing bag on defeat.

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HTM Boxing
Fantasy foxy boxing in lingerie starring Allie Parker and Samantha Grace
Spoilers Allie Parker wins!
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This fetish foxy boxing features:

Lingerie Boxing, Big old school vintage boxing gloves, belly punching, head snapping, hair whipping, fantasy boxing, Allie Parker boxing, Samantha Grace boxing

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