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Mixed wrestling battles featuring the hottest female fighters in the industry taking on men. Mixed wrestling matches come in both femdom and maledom varieties, may the best mixed wrestler win!

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A recently rediscovered grudge match from the vault! A furious Frankie attacks Duncan after her “loss” of their arm wrestling contest, but he isn’t going to go down without a fight.

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Length: 16 mins
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Felicia’s very first mixed wrestling match! A complete maledom jobber squash by veteran pro wrestler David Angell.

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Length: 11 mins
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From the vault, the lost rematch of Hollywood vs Masked Mauler! Hollywood is in charge this time and puts Mauler in his place with, tickling?? Tickle wrestling female domination!

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Length: 16 mins
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Hollywood vs Pimp Daddy D! -   on 10/27/2017

The Pimp Hand strikes back! Daddy D is looking to make Hollywood one of his new “hoes”! A fight ensues, and so does the inevitable beatdown of Hollywood.

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Length: 13 mins
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HTMC02 Frankie vs. Darrius -   Posted on 07/4/2010

This intense and erotic mixed wrestling matchup sees Frankie Z putting the squeeze on Darrius with her powerful legs, and Darrius attempting to overwhelm Frankie with his size and strength. This is not an easy mixed fight for either wrestling combatant!

HTMC03 Barbara vs. Duncan -   on 07/8/2010

Duncan faces off against veteran grappler Barbara, in a 2 out of 3 falls mixed wrestling match up. Both use pro and submission moves to make each other hit the mat! Punishing Back Breakers, Chin Locks, and Body Slams, and more.

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Length: 15 mins
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HTMC08 Goldie vs Darrius -   Posted on 08/5/2010

Goldie Blair and Darrius square off in mixed wrestling on our mats. The busty Goldie uses her strength, and her large breasts to her advantage, smothering Darrius and crushing him in a variety of painful holds. . Both wrestlers give as good as they get, and deliver devastating holds, chokes, punches and kicks. One is able submit the other with a brutal back breaking hold, but the loser immediately wants a rematch. Will it happen? We will see!

HTMC11 Mutiny vs Duncan -   on 06/18/2010

We jump right in to a mixed wrestling match, featuring Mutiny taking on Duncan! They lock up right away, with the early advantage going to Mutiny. Can she keep her dominant position, or will Duncan come out on top?

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Length: 14 mins
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Two fights in one video! Onyx is training new wrestler Firecracker when Darrius intervenes, and gets his ass kicked in a 2 on 1 mixed wrestling beatdown! The two femme fighters then argue over who kicked his ass harder, and end up fighting each other!

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Length: 14 mins
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HTMC13 Sarita vs Duncan -   Posted on 07/24/2010

This is the full mixed wrestling fight between Duncan and Sarita. Sarita and Duncan waste no time in this clip as the action starts right from the beginning with Sarita throwing Duncan to the ground, then trying to choke the life out of him. Full nelsons, body scissors, eye rakes, standing head scissors, head locks, fireman carry’s, and arm bars are just some of the moves these two put on each other

HTMC17 Live Mixed Wrestling Tag Match -   Posted on 09/25/2010

This pro-style mixed wrestling tag team match was recorded live and is the only one of its kind at HTM. Hollywood and Christie Ricci team up to take on Duncan and Darrius in a pro-wrestling style mixed tag team match. But not your typical WWE style tag match where girls fight girls and guys fight guys. Here, it's girls VS guys, true intergender tag team wrestling!

HTMC18 Kristiana vs Duncan -   Posted on 10/4/2010

This mixed wrestling match starts off with Kristiana and Duncan both warming up in their opposing corners. Slams and holds punctuate the competitive aggression in this match, until one fighter is put out for the night.


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