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HTMC12 Onyx&Firecracker vs. Darrius
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 14 mins

Type: Mixed Wrestling and Catfight
Length: 15 min
Onyx and Firecracker vs. Darrius

Onyx is teaching and young new wrestler, Firecracker, a few pro-wrestling moves, when Darrius interrupts, and tries to teach the new girl some moves of his own. Onyx, clearly upset, (and Firecracker not interested) tries to keep Darrius out, but no luck. Darrius issues a challenge to take them BOTH on. Onyx starts off with an elbow to the chest as they start the lock up, and take the fight to Darrius. Darrius comes back, and the fight evens out, and Onyx tried to tag her partner, to no avail. Not to be stopped by rules Firecracker jumps in and helps Onyx to teach a very painful lesson. After Darrius disputes Onyx quick count, both Onyx and Firecracker, beat on Darrius and make sure he is down and out. Now the fun begins!! Firecracker takes credit for kicking Darrius's ass, while Onyx tells her she helped...BARELY! With that in mind, both girls decide to fight each other to see who really did all the work. More of a catfight with pro-moves thrown in, each combatant goes after the other with; chokes gut punches, body scissors, and hair mares. The final pins leaves both girls exhausted, but each ready to fight again.

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