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Gloves Off – David Angell vs Felicia Mixed Wrestling
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 11 mins

11 minutes of male domination pro-style mixed wrestling, a complete squash match as veteran pro wrestler David Angell destroys Felicia in her very first mixed wrestling and pro-style match.

David Angell and Aaron Hummer pummeled Felicia in a double team beatdown ( seen here ), but that wasn’t enough for David. It’s personal for him, after she humiliated him in a 1 on 1 boxing match. So while he lured her in for some more sparring, he quickly takes control with a knee to the crotch and now the gloves are off! David Angell proceeds to manhandle Felicia in a one-sided mixed wrestling beatdown, while she’s still in her boxing attire. Low blows, belly punching, submissions, chokes, stomps and more!

Fans of maledom mixed wrestling, low blows and jobbers getting destroyed should love this one.

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Pro style mixed wrestling maledom ryona, hosted on Ladyfist C4S.

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