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HTMC17 Live Mixed Wrestling Tag Match
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 10 mins

Mixed Wrestling
Type: Mixed Wrestling
Length: 10 min
Live Mixed Wrestling Tag Match

This pro-style mixed wrestling tag team match was recorded live and is the only one of its kind at HTM. Mixed Tag between Hollywood & Christie and Darrius & Duncan. This match took place in 2008 at the Women's Wrestling Convention (WWC).

Both teams enter the ring with cheers and jeers from the audience. Hollywood and Duncan enter the ring first, Hollywood duping Duncan into a test of strength, but then throws him with an arm drag into an arm bar. Hollywood quickly puts Duncan in a headlock, and just a quick Duncan reverses with an atomic drop, that leaves Hollywood hurting on the floor. Duncan slams Hollywood s head into the turnbuckle in his corner where Darrius chokes her. One good turn deserves another as Hollywood hits Duncan low, and is able to get out of the corner. Hollywood and Duncan both make a tag and now it is Christie in the ring. An arm drag and shoulder lock are put on Darrius as he is in pain early on. Christie works Darrius arm with a brutal elbow drop, keeping him in the center of the ring. Darrius counters with his own arm bar and elbow drop to Christie s arm then adds a devastating body slam. Darrius taunts Hollywood as Christie tries to recover. Darrius, feeling good, picks Christie up and puts her in the tree of woe in his corner, then proceeds to dance and kick her in the corner. The ref breaks it up, but Hollywood has had enough as she jumps into the ring to put Darrius into a headlock. The action goes back and forth in this battle. Christie body slams Duncan, Hollywood clotheslines Darrius, Hollywood almost gets thrown out of the ring, and Hollywood flies off the top rope onto Duncan. Hollywood manages to pin Duncan, but Christie pulls her off wanting the pin for herself. Darrius and Duncan seize the opportunity and roll them both up stealing the ring. After the guys quickly leave the ring, there is some heat between Hollywood and Christie. This is a match you do not want to miss.

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