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No Way Out! Agent Jade Destroyed Part 2
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 16 mins

Agent Jade manages to crawl away from Boss Ricci, and thinks she’s in the clear. Jade calls her commander, but gets disconnected. When Jade turns the corner, a strong hand wraps around her throat and Jade realizes she’s done for. She tries to fight back with strikes to Ricci’s solid mid-section, but it’s hopeless. The powerhouse Boss Ricci lifts Jade up in to a bearhug and squeezes her tight. Jade struggles to catch her breathe and can’t escape Ricci’s grip. Ricci takes Jade to the ground in a reverse bearhug, and continues to amp up the pressure. Then in a true display of power, Ricci lifts Jade completely off the ground in an inverted fireman’s carry. Ricci then torture’s Jade’s mid-section with a belly claw, belly punches, and grinding her knuckles deep in to her guts. Ricci has even more pain and punishment in store for Jade, and this time doesn’t stop until the job is done.

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Part 2 of 2. Custom fantasy domination script.
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