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Wrecking the Homewrecker! Ricci Crushes Nicole
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 18 mins

Christie Ricci has been sent by “the wife” to destroy her man’s mistress. And that mistress would be Nicole Oring! Nicole does not heed Christie’s warning to leave and never return, a mistake Christie is going to make her regret! The tall and strong Christie Ricci grabs the much smaller Nicole in a bearhug and begins to CRUSH her ribs, squeezing the air out of her along with some pained screams! Ricci then turns Nicole around and bearhugs her from behind, and begins swinging her around like a rag doll, long hair whipping back and forth as she writhes in agony. Bear hugs, boston crabs, backbreakers, limb locks, crushing skull claws, full nelsons, body scissors and headscissors are among the ultra painful wrestling holds that Christie Ricci punishes Nicole with! One Ricci is done with the seemingly endless torment, Nicole is left curled up in a fetal position on the floor bawling!

Quality note, there are a few portions in the early and other parts of the video where the framerate becomes jumpy.

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Fantasy wrestling custom squash match video.

Note that preview clips may have slightly offsynced audio

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