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Mixed Wrestling with Sarita -   on 04/22/2011

New mixed wrestling video! The busty Latina Sarita returns to Hit the Mat for a mixed wrestling battle vs Darrius. Darrius wants to see how her holds are coming along and ends up in a fight! […]

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Video Prices: DVD : 21.00 :: WMV : 19.00 :: HTMC13 Sarita vs Duncan -   Posted on 07/24/2010

This is the full mixed wrestling fight between Duncan and Sarita. Sarita and Duncan waste no time in this clip as the action starts right from the beginning with Sarita throwing Duncan to the ground, then trying to choke the life out of him. Full nelsons, body scissors, eye rakes, standing head scissors, head locks, fireman carry’s, and arm bars are just some of the moves these two put on each other

Sarita -   Posted on 07/24/2010

Sarita is the newest female fighter to join Hit the Mat. She’s already proven she has what it takes in the mixed wrestling area, stay tuned for what’s next!

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Newest Fighter – Sarita! -   Posted on 07/13/2010

Hit the Mat introduces our newest Fem Fatale, Sarita! She jumps right in to an intense mixed wrestling match with the male fighter Duncan, and looks to establish dominance early. How will this new female fighter fare against the far more experienced Duncan?

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