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Mixed Wrestling - HTMC13 Sarita vs Duncan -

HTMC13 Sarita vs Duncan
Genre: Mixed Wrestling

Type: Mixed Wrestling (femdom)

Length: 16 min

Sarita vs. Duncan

This is the full fight between Duncan and Sarita.
Sarita and Duncan waste no time in this clip as the action starts right from the beginning with Sarita throwing Duncan to the ground, then trying to choke the life out of him. Full nelsons, body scissors, eye rakes, standing head scissors, head locks, fireman carry’s, and arm bars are just some of the moves these two put on each other. Sarita might be inexperienced but she knows how to kick ass! Duncan is no rookie when it comes to wrestling, but his strength is countered by her knowledge of painful pressure points. Sarita vows to make him, “Cry like a little bitch” as she comes in and knees him to the body. As the fight moves ahead, Sarita starts off looking to be in a bit of trouble, but her powerful legs turn the tides and send Duncan flying to the mats and punished. Duncan manages to get the upper hand for a while after an elbow drop to Sarita’s belly, but finds himself on the bottom again soon after, and in a variety of painful holds and locks! Duncan proves no match for Sarita’s wrestling skills, and her powerful leg holds. Goodnight, Duncan!

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