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Nicole Challenges Duncan! Wrestling 2009
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 17 mins

Nicole challenges Duncan for the belt, but Duncan denies her and says maybe another time. But that’s another time for the belt, not a fight! Duncan yanks Nicole by her long hair, scoops her up and slams her to the mat. Duncan’s surprise attack gives him the upper hand, but don’t count Nicole out yet! She fights fiercely, but ultimately is no match. Duncan dominates Nicole with bearhugs, bodyscissors, slams, carries, chokes, some low blows, hairpulling and more painful holds…but Nicole fights back with her own scissors, belly punching, pins, stomps and submissions. Just when Duncan thinks he’s pinned and dispatched Nicole for the final time, she grabs the belt and cold cocks him from behind, knocking him out! Duncan may have won the match, but Nicole Oring wins the day.

Fantasy mixed wrestling, originally shot in 2009

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