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Goldie -   Posted on 10/10/2010

Goldie is based out of Frazier Park, California, and has been modeling for 13 years.

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Jade -   Posted on 10/10/2010

Jade is a fitness model based in Los Angeles, California. Here at Hit the Mat she’s been involved in both female wrestling catfights, and a 2 on 1 mixed fight.

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Sarita -   Posted on 07/24/2010

Sarita is the newest female fighter to join Hit the Mat. She’s already proven she has what it takes in the mixed wrestling area, stay tuned for what’s next!

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Nicole -   Posted on 06/9/2010

Nicole Oring is a hot slim Asian fighter with a wide array of talents. From mixed boxing and boxing other women, mixed and female wrestling, to belly punching challenges…Nicole has done it all!

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Frankie -   Posted on 05/30/2010

The buxom and beautiful Frankie has been around Hit The Mat from the very beginning. Since first touching gloves with Darrius in mixed boxing, she’s both wrestled and boxed with men and women.

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Christie Ricci -   Posted on 05/29/2010

Christie Ricci is a powerful and experienced fighter, both in boxing and in wrestling. More about Christie Ricci coming soon!

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Cali Logan -   Posted on 05/29/2010

Cali Logan is a petite and very sexy young fighter with a lot of energy. More about Cali Logan coming soon!

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Masked Mauler -   Posted on 04/25/2010

The mysterious Masked Mauler hails from the mean streets of Ciudad Juárez,  Mexico.

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Duncan -   Posted on 04/25/2010

Little is known about Duncan, except that he has nothing to do with the Masked Mauler.

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Darrius -   Posted on 04/25/2010

Darrius is one of the most famous and feared fighters in the mixed industry. Dozens of women fighters have taken on his challenges and fallen to his fists.

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