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Darrius Aftermath

Darrius after a typical mixed match

Darrius is one of the most famous and feared fighters in the mixed fighting industry.
Dozens of women fighters have taken on his challenges and fallen to his fists. Whether it’s trading mixed boxing blows in the ring or taking it to the mat in mixed wrestling challenges, Darrius is always a tough opponent.

Darrius is a former special forces military interrogator and combat training specialist with the United States military. He was feared both in the interrogation chamber and in the ring. Amidst the torture scandals of recent years, Darrius was discharged from the military and to this day, the military denies his existence.

Darrius got his start with fighting on the streets of Detroit. Because of his strength, he usually left his victims with serious injuries. When a local boxing gym owner saw him single-handedly defeat a gang of 5 attackers, he brought him in for a chance at the Golden Gloves. With little training, Darrius won easily. Bored with what the local boxing gym had to offer, but an intense drive to fight , Darrius joined the military and quickly became garnered a reputation of someone not to be messed with.

His stoic nature belied savagery of in calculable measure. In the ring, his opponents would be beaten so severely they would not even remember the bout after they woke up. His cool detachment from inflicting pain on others made him perfect for a job as an interrogator, and left many to wonder whether he was really human or merely a boxing robot. What went on in those rooms, no one will ever truly know.

When allegations of torture in US military prisons hit a high point, Darrius and several others were discharged from the military, and all record of their service was either permanently sealed, or completely erased. Darrius rarely speaks of his military service, indeed he barely speaks at all.

Following in the footsteps of such pioneers as Andy Kaufman (the “Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World”), Darrius takes on any female opponent in both wrestling and boxing, having learned back in the bowels of a seedy Detroit boxing gym and in military rings that one can never underestimate a woman in the ring. Even if she’s half your size.

Despite his reputation, Darrius is quite the ladies man, and is rumored to co-own a strip club in Vegas alongside the Masked Mauler.

In 2010, Darrius was slated to be the frontman for a new series of “Old Spice” commercials. He could not be used, however due to difficulties during filming. Too many women were almost magnetically attracted to Darrius and needed to be pulled (or fought) off him, and the crew was never able to get the shots required. The part went instead to Isaiah Mustafa. So Mr. “Old Spice Guy” Isaiah Mustafa, you should be thanking Darrius for your part.


Height: 6’1″
Weight: 200lbs
Trained in: Boxing, Wrestling, Pro Wrestling, Kickboxing, Russian Sambo (grappling), Weapons fighting, Oil wrestling

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