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Video Prices: DVD : 29.00 :: HTMV24 Kristiana vs. Onyx -   Posted on 06/26/2010

On Sale! Kristiana and Onyx enter the mat room looking to settle some issue with a best out of five falls women’s wrestling match. This match quickly becomes a one sided affair but one girls big mouth keeps the action going until a sleeper finally ends the debate….for now.

Video Prices: DVD : 36.00 :: WMV : 34.00 :: HTMV30 Jackson vs. Darrius -   Posted on 06/25/2010

Jackson is the latest opponent to face Darrius in the boxing ring. Darrius looks confident; Jackson looks cocky before the bell rings for round one. It’s east coast vs west coast boxer, man vs woman. Who will win?

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Video Prices: DVD : 25.00 :: WMV : 23.00 :: HTMV36 Carla vs. Goldie -   Posted on 06/24/2010

Goldie challenges Carla to a stomach punching contest to see if Carla’s tight Asian stomach is as strong as she thinks it is. Both of these hot ladies are tough and take some belly punishment, but only one is standing at the end of this belly punching challenge!

Video Prices: DVD : 18.00 :: WMV : 16.00 :: HTMC07 Carla vs Frankie -   Posted on 06/23/2010

Frankie is basking in the glow of her newly won Women’s Wrestling Championship belt. Unfortunately she partied a little too hard last night and Carla is looking for a fight, right now! It’s a female wrestling catfight for the belt!

Video Prices: DVD : 35.00 :: WMV : 33.00 :: HTMV22 Jewell vs. Darrius -   Posted on 06/22/2010

The lovely and very sexy Jewell Marceau steps in the ring with Darrius. She wants to introduce her gloves to his face and body. Darrius is confident that her gloves will never get a chance to meet him, as they mix it up sending each other to the canvas. But only one walks away the winner.

Video Prices: DVD : 36.00 :: WMV : 30.00 :: HTMV28 Carla vs. Darrius -   Posted on 06/21/2010

The amazingly sexy Carla thinks she has what it takes to knock out Darrius. A brawl breaks out during the pre-fight interview, setting the tone for this brutal mixed boxing match. Both are out for revenge and to punish each other.

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Video Prices: DVD : 35.00 :: WMV : 29.00 :: HTMV20 Francesca Le vs. Darrius -   Posted on 06/20/2010

The sexy spitfire Francesca Le shows no fear as she steps in the ring with Darrius. She ‘knows’ she is going to kick his ass and take his Mixed Boxing Title as she states in a pre fight interview. What follows is an awesome mixed boxing slugfest!

Video Prices: DVD : 17.00 :: WMV : 14.00 :: HTMC11 Mutiny vs Duncan -   Posted on 06/18/2010

We jump right in to a mixed wrestling match, featuring Mutiny taking on Duncan! They lock up right away, with the early advantage going to Mutiny. Can she keep her dominant position, or will Duncan come out on top?

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Video Prices: DVD : 27.00 :: WMV : 25.00 :: HTMV19 Frankie Z vs. Raquel -   Posted on 06/17/2010

Frankie takes on Raquel in some hot female boxing action! This is not your typical boxing match, but a very sexy comedy style fight with lots of comedic knockdowns and expressions. If you’re a fan of comedy knockouts, check this out.

Video Prices: DVD : 35.00 :: WMV : 33.00 :: HTMV17 Helena vs. Darrius -   Posted on 06/15/2010

Helena tries her hand at boxing, taking on Darrius in the ring. A quick start and Helena has Darrius in danger of being the victim of a first round knock out. Darrius gets his act together and give Helena a introduction to gloving up in the squared circle.

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