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Dont Cheat on The Family – Frankie vs Jade
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 18 mins

Mafiosa hit girl Frankie Z gets a call from her brother. It turns out his girlfriend Jade is cheating on him! Frankie confronts Jade the only way she knows how, by squeezing the hell out of her! Frankie traps Jade in a bear hug and tells her she knows everything, and it’s time for Frankie to punish Jade for crossing The Family. After the larger Frankie puts immense pressure on Jade’s tiny frame and ribs, she scoops her up and drops her on the couch. Little Jade has had the wind squeezed out of her, and seems weak and confused. Frankie picks her back up for another crushing bear hug squeeze, tormenting Jade until she can take no more. But that’s not the end of it. Frankie wakes Jade up and now it’s time to punish her with Frankie’s powerful scissors! Frankie’s long and strong legs wrap around Jade’s tiny midsection, and Frankie begins to apply crushing pressure. Jade struggles but she is completely trapped and helpless. Frankie continues to punish Jade, with body scissors, head scissors, and even pinning Jade to the floor while Frankie is on top, crushing Jade with her weight. Don’t mess with The Family!

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