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Submission Wrestling Challenge! Frankie vs Jade Part 2
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 18 mins

We come back to Jade on the canvas, utterly defeated and humiliated by Frankie Z. But it’s not over yet! Frankie Z picks up Jade and decides to punish her some more. Frankie has Jade hanging off her back, holding her by the neck! Frankie lets Jade drop to the canvas, steps on her stomach, then puts Jade in a grapevine hold, while making sure to smother Jade with Frankie’s own large breasts. Jade cries in pain, but Frankie Z shows her no mercy. Frankie then puts Jade in a painful armlock, taunting her while threatening to break her. More painful holds, and more of Frankie on top of Jade squashing her, until Jade can take no more!

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Part 2. Female wrestling custom squash match in 1920x1080HD
Hit the Mat

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