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Annoying Roommate Squash – Frankie Z vs Jade
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 19 mins

From deep in the HTM vault, a never before released ‘crush custom’ featuring Frankie Z squashing her annoying ‘roommate’ Jade in one of their final fights.

Jade is a party girl who loves dancing to her music, appears to have enjoyed a few too many trees, and also loves to annoy her overly studious roommate Frankie Z. Having enough of the little red-eyed bitch’s distractions, Frankie drops her paper, grabs Jade by the neck and takes her down. Frankie is going to teach her a lesson in respect, and how to keep quiet… by sitting on her until she can no longer breathe!

At first, dopey Jade thinks this is all a joke, but Frankie isn’t laughing. And she isn’t getting up. Jade struggles to break free, kicking her feet and finally pleading for Frankie to stop squashing her, repeatedly crying ‘you’re crushing me!’. Frankie feeling not at all merciful, just continues to sit on Jade and crush her, berating her and enjoying Jade’s suffering, until all that’s left is sweet silence!

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