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Submission Wrestling Challenge! Frankie vs Jade Part 3
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 13 mins

Jade slams the mat in frustration, she got beat by Frankie Z again! Jade throws her shoes at Frankie and calls her a bitch, storming away. Is she crazy? Frankie grabs Jade as she tries to escape the ring, now determined to put Jade out for her disrespect. Frankie SQUEEZES little jobber Jade between her strong thighs in various types of scissors, and has Jade moaning and crying in pain. After the scissor assault, Frankie yanks Jade around by the hair while Jade crawls on her hands and knees, utter humiliation! Then the bigger, stronger Frankie pins Jade underneath her, with Frankie’s breasts in Jade’s face for extra insult to injury. If Jade won’t say she’s sorry, Frankie will MAKE her sorry!

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Part 3/Final. Female wrestling custom squash match in 1920x1080HD
Hit the Mat

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