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Submission Wrestling Challenge! Frankie vs Jade Part 1
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 18 mins

Jade is looking pissed off in the ring, wanting some payback on Frankie Z after all the domination beatings Frankie put on Jade. Frankie laughs out loud, and accepts Jade’s challenge to a submission wrestling match! Will Jade finally get some payback? Of course not! Frankie immediately takes control and punishes Jade for daring to challenge her. Frankie grabs Jade in to a headlock, and Jade is smothered by Frankie’s bosom. Frankie then CRANKS Jade’s arm in an arm lock, causing her to writhe in pain. Frankie threatens to break her arm, and Jade weakly submits. Frankie then puts Jade in a full nelson, mocking Jade for her lack of wrestling ability. Frankie has so many ways to make Jade suffer and submit! Boston crab, Figure Four Leglock, Armbar, Camel Clutch, Bearhugging, Bodyscissors, these are just a FEW of the ways Frankie torments Jade! Will she give up and crawl away with her tail between her legs? Part 1 of 2.

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