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Newest fighting videos from Hit the Mat! Here you will find our archive of boxing and wrestling posts. Or contact us to order your very own custom match!
HTMV28 Carla vs. Darrius -   Posted on 06/21/2010

The amazingly sexy Carla thinks she has what it takes to knock out Darrius. A brawl breaks out during the pre-fight interview, setting the tone for this brutal mixed boxing match. Both are out for revenge and to punish each other.

HTMV20 Francesca Le vs. Darrius -   Posted on 06/20/2010

The sexy spitfire Francesca Le shows no fear as she steps in the ring with Darrius. She ‘knows’ she is going to kick his ass and take his Mixed Boxing Title as she states in a pre fight interview. What follows is an awesome mixed boxing slugfest!

HTMC11 Mutiny vs Duncan -   Posted on 06/18/2010

We jump right in to a mixed wrestling match, featuring Mutiny taking on Duncan! They lock up right away, with the early advantage going to Mutiny. Can she keep her dominant position, or will Duncan come out on top?

HTMV19 Frankie Z vs. Raquel -   Posted on 06/17/2010

Frankie takes on Raquel in some hot female boxing action! This is not your typical boxing match, but a very sexy comedy style fight with lots of comedic knockdowns and expressions. If you’re a fan of comedy knockouts, check this out.

HTMV17 Helena vs. Darrius -   Posted on 06/15/2010

Helena tries her hand at boxing, taking on Darrius in the ring. A quick start and Helena has Darrius in danger of being the victim of a first round knock out. Darrius gets his act together and give Helena a introduction to gloving up in the squared circle.

HTMV16 Shelly vs. Darrius -   Posted on 06/14/2010

This video contains the first match and the rematch!
Shelly is a trained boxer and thinks she has what it takes to easily knock out Darrius. But will she?

HTMV15 Kat/Jade vs. Darrius -   Posted on 06/13/2010

On Sale! Kat and Jade, having just fought a catfight for a contract for HTM, find out Darrius has canceled the contract. Big mistake! Both girls take out their anger on Darrius making him promise a contract. It’s a 2 on 1 Mixed Wrestling beatdown!

HTMV14 Kat vs. Jade -   Posted on 06/12/2010

Jade and Kat show up at a HTM audtion to be the next HTM girl. They are informed that only one can have the job, and they both decide the best way to find that out is on the mats!

HTMV13 Raquel vs. Darrius -   Posted on 06/11/2010

This match has been a long time coming, as Raquel is fired up to face Darrius in the boxing ring. She thinks she has the dynamite to knock him down and out. Darrius just sees her as another chick in his way that has, “No Chance!”

Nicole vs Kat Belly Punching Challenge -   Posted on 06/5/2010

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Nicole Oring and Kat test each others tummies. They face each other on their knees, taunting each other about who has the best abs. These two slim sexy Asian girls have quite the slugfest! Female belly punching doesn’t get any sexier than this.

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