Lauren Phillips vs Rusty Nails – Pornstar Mixed Boxing
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 26 mins

Lauren makes her debut at Hit the Mat! Apparently Rusty (also making his return) looked at her wrong, and now she wants to knock him out. Talk about a firey redhead! Lauren is 5’10″ and 130lbs compared to Rusty’s 5’8″ and 170lbs, however Rusty is an avid kickboxer who almost went pro in K1. The first round sees Lauren the aggressor, while Rusty seeks to test her reactions and let her tire herself out. At the start of round 2, Lauren surprises Rusty with a furious attack while he’s still in the corner, overwhelming him and knocking him down. After Rusty gets up, he seems to take Lauren a bit more seriously, keeping his distance, sticking and moving.

Lauren does surprisingly well against the skilled fighter early on, her reach advantage coming in to play. But by the end of round 2, she is beginning to tire out, her arms turning red from blocking and clashing with his shots. Rusty is only getting faster, and the skill gap is becoming more apparent. Quick double jabs, body shots and hooks are slipping through her defenses and Lauren is wearing down. She fights back admirably but her body is getting tenderized and her jaw is getting smacked. At the start of Round 3, Rusty returns the favor and pummels Lauren in her own corner, using her for a punching bag. Lauren is knocked down several times, but keeps getting back up and won’t give up the fight. At most, she can only get him to back off temporarily before he moves in to work her over some more and finally knock her out.

Fantasy mixed boxing with some solid hits by both fighters. Includes bonus footage at the end..”Booty Boxing”

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Mixed Boxing Ryona Beatdown

Lauren Phillips vs Rusty Nails mixed boxing, Lauren fights hard but is dominated and defeated. Fantasy mixed boxing with several stiff shots by both fighters

12 Photos Mixed Boxing Gallery – Lauren vs Rusty

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