Terra Mizu vs Lauren Phillips
Genre: Female Boxing
Length: 23 mins

Lauren can’t seem to leave the HTM gym in her hopes of getting training from Darrius and improving for a rematch with Rusty. She finds Terra Mizu warming up and prepping for a lesson with Darrius, and her reaction is incredulous. Lauren opts to fight Terra Mizu instead!

We see that highly frustrated Lauren is apparently a very dangerous one! Lauren manages to put together what she’s learned over the course of her last few fights and has the Terra Mizu stunned. Hopefully no motorcycles drive by to trigger another flashback! Lauren is dominating the early rounds and Terra Mizu ends up having to strip. However Terra is no unskilled fighter like Lauren seems to think, and starts being more defensive a few rounds in. Both girls end up topless and it becomes a back and forth battle. Tiring of the slugfest, Lauren “clinches” with Terra, and by clinch we mean she pulls her in for a boob smother and punches her in the kidneys! Playing dirty helps Lauren secure the advantage and eventually defeat Terra Mizu. Terra however remains defiant even as Lauren chains her up and uses her for a punching bag!

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POV Boxing Mixed
Fantasy Female Boxing
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