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Annie Cruz vs Lauren Phillips Dirty Wrestling
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 17 mins

Annie Cruz and Lauren Phillips are on all fours, wasting little time before locking up in a wrestling bout with a lot of “dirty” holds. The smaller Annie takes control of Lauren right away, but Lauren manages to roll out and now Annie has to get a face full of Lauren’s crotch as Lauren sits on her face. It doesn’t take long for Annie to reverse the situation though, and Lauren finds herself getting dominated. Lauren is doing a bit better against Annie than she did against Samantha Grace, but doesn’t hold an advantage for very long. Annie smothers Lauren with her breasts, sits on her face and even twerks on it! As the match goes on, Annie Cruz is in complete control and makes Lauren taste her crotch and ass over and over with dirty holds. Lauren gets her ass kicked, again!

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Fantasy “dirty” female wrestling

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