Crystal vs Erika Jordan – Belly Pain!
Genre: Female Wrestling
Length: 23 mins

Erika Jordan takes on Crystal once again in a fantasy wrestling custom, with a focus on abdominal and core strength. It’s belly pain and punishment, wrestling style! Many of the wrestling moves they apply to each other will either stretch the abs, or require core strength to endure and escape. The other wrestling moves? More belly pain for the victim is more pleasure for the punisher! While Erika Jordan manages to wrestle Crystal in to a full nelson early on, Crystal escapes and absolutely dominates Erika for the remainder of the wrestling match. Crystal wants to make Erika suffer, break her slowly and leave her defined abs sore . While Crystal stretches and pulls Erika in to various holds, the camera closes in on Erika’s straining abs as she struggles to endure, escape and even breathe! A wrestling squash match with a focus on the ladies’ tight abs.


Female Wrestling Belly Pain ABS fight
Fantasy female wrestling squash match. Filmed in April 2014

Starring Erika Jordan and HTM exclusive talent Crystal
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