Master Karate Thug – Twerk Fu
Genre: POV Fighting
Length: 13 mins

Bikini Thug Cori has been training and developing her own style of martial arts that she’s dubbed, TWERK FU! Karate Thug is wearing a Karate Gi (with nothing underneath), sporty shorts and hand wraps, ready for a fight. The match starts off trading punches and..Master Thug seems to be losing the exchanges! She’s a fighter though, and gets up despite being worked over and knocked down, often. When Cori has you down, she puts that round booty in your face and twerks it for extra humiliation. But when you get back up, it’s payback time! Cori is punished and knocked out, and by the time she wakes up, you’ve stripped her naked! Master Thug fights nude for the rest of the match, but unfortunately her martial arts style does not seem to be very effective. Cori battles back, but is ultimate dominated, defeated and knocked out.

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Karate POV Ryona

Bikini Thug becomes Master Karate Thug of the Twerk Fu style of martial arts!
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Taped fist, hand wraps, karate gi

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