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Tickle Wrestling Rematch – Nicole vs Helena Pt1
Genre: Tickle Wrestling -- Length: 25 mins

Helena warms up in her karate gi, while Nicole mocks and laughs at her as they get ready for their tickle wrestling rematch. After a pre-fight bow, the larger Helena mounts Nicole right away, seems her training is paying off! Unfortunately, Helena’s mental game is weak, and a little distraction allows Nicole to reverse the situation and get on top of Helena. Nicole grabs Helena’s bare feet, and Helena braces herself for Nicole’s tickling tactics. We close in on Nicole tickling Helena’s feet, then pan out to see her TRYING not to laugh. It doesn’t take long for Nicole to wear down Helena with the light, fluttery touches of her fingers on the soles of Helena’s feet, and Helena gives in. Seems Helena’s weakness to tickling is still in play! Fall 2 starts similar to fall one, and once Nicole has Helena worn out from laughing and tickling, strips her of her karate gi. Helena is laughing uncontrollably as Nicole tickles her exposed body. Nicole keeps Helena trapped in wrestling holds and tickles her mercilessly. Part 1 of 2

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Tickle Wrestling Catfight
Tickle wrestling custom match, shot in 2009

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