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Belly Punching Video Archive - Hit the Mat


On sale! $17.99 Now $14.99 ($3 off) Hellena Heavenly and Duncan battle in a fantasy pro style mixed wrestling BRAWL! Lots of belly punching, painful holds, and even more belly punching!

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Erika vs Nicole Belly Punching -   on 03/10/2015
Belly Punching

Erika’s first belly punching contest and just about all the gloves are out for this one, and some bare fists! Nicole Oring tests Erika’s hard abs and Nicole is going to find Erika’s punch isn’t an easy one to take for long.

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Belly Punching

Part 2 of Andrea vs Darrius “The Gauntlet”, a belly punching challenge! Andrea takes some real hits, how long can she last, give and take?

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In the final part, all the gloves come off and now it’s a belly punching battle!
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Cheyenne Jewell vs Amarie, this time in a real belly punching contest. Boxing gloves, MMA gloves, and bare fists.
Their bellies redden as the hits get harder, and the satisfying sounds of gloves/barefists against flesh echo through the ring.
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Real Belly Punching Amo Morbia

Amo Morbia comes to Hit the Mat! Darrius challenges Amo to a real belly punching contest after their boxing match (coming soon), and Amo is ready to go. Both determined to make the other fold, they start out slow taking 10 punch turns and challenge each other to go higher and higher. Things get more intense and Darrius takes Amo down with punches to the solar plexus. Then he gets her back up and continues to punch her until she’s left dry heaving on the canvas! See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW. PREVIEW CLIP


Paris Kennedy takes on Kymberly Jane in a belly punching fight! Two of the hottest girls in the industry today put their slim sexy stomachs on the line in a belly punching contest. Both girls think they are tough and can throw a punch, but only one will be standing victorious. Each take 5 punches per turn, and the winner of the set gets to give the loser 10 penalty punches at the start of the next. Best 2 out of 3. See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.

Femdom Belly Punching Part 2 -   on 04/11/2011
Belly Punishment

Sasha gets even more into the beating now, ordering Darrius to keep his hands behind his back, and kicking him in the stomach as well. She even makes him apologize to Dia Zerva for the one […]

Femdom Belly Punching at Clips4Sale -   Posted on 04/8/2011

Changing things around a little bit, we bring you a belly punching video where the girl is doing the punching on a guy. Sasha is a very slim petite beauty new to HTM, and also a dominatrix. She gets Darrius for a session of belly punching and this time he is not allowed to hit back! See it on our Belly Punching Clips4Sale store!

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Video Prices: DVD : 27.00 :: WMV : 25.00 :: HTMV69 Mutiny vs Darrius -   Posted on 03/27/2011

This storied rivalry gets even hotter in a mixed MMA fight! Both fighters try to make each other submit and knock the other out. Mutiny is using her female charms for more than just flirting this time, trying to knock Darrius out with breast smothers, ass and crotch smothering. If Mutiny wins, Darrius ends up in a bra and panties. If Darrius wins, Mutiny will LOSE her bra and become Darrius personal punching bag!

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