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Jennifer vs Kristiana Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 20 mins

This foxy boxing custom video features an epic battle between two league veterans. Kristiana and Jennifer Thomas have faced off before in a belly punching contest and this match also features a LOT of gut busting belly punches. No rounds in this fight, and both ladies are sporting VERY small vintage style boxing gloves, mouthpieces, footwear and one piece swimsuits. This back and forth slugfest has both fighters laying it all on the line with quick jabs, big head snapping hooks and uppercuts, and LOADS of shots to the body. Kristiana and Jen beat the hell out of each other! It’s anyone’s match, and as both fighters are battered and beaten, an epic punch trade results in a double knockdown. The one who makes it to their feet will be the winner. Who has what it takes??

Fantasy MILF foxy boxing starring Kristiana and Jennifer Thomas

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Spoilers: Jennifer Thomas rises up for the win!

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