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Amanda vs Nicole Belly Punching Challenge HTM70
Genre: Belly Punching -- Length: 18 mins

Belly punching contest custom video. Cleaned and AI upscaled for a better modern viewing experience.

Amanda and Nicole were at the HTM studio and wanted to find out which one of them had the toughest abs. They soon regretted this test as the start to get into the contest. Each girl gets a chance to throw five (sometimes more) stomach punches before the other girl gets a chance. Both girls start on their knees and it takes a bit of time but Nicole submits first. Amanda now gives Nicole ten penalty punches before they start the next section of the Challenge. The next portion they are backed against the wall trading five punches each. Now it is Amanda’s turn to yield to Nicole’s fist and to take her punishment. The third and last set is back on the mats both girls laying flat on their backs. The loser, not only has to deal with not having the tougher abs, but is subjected to penalty punches before the victor poses for the camera showing her red belly. (Originally released in 2009)

Belly Punching Screenshots

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