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Wrestle Me! Crazy Roommate Chronicles
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 13 mins

Jennifer Thomas finally found a new female roommate with Amanda! (Don’t ask what happened to the last one). What does she want to do on their first night? Why, wrestle, of course! The naive Amanda foolishy plays along, but Jennifer mocks Amanda, saying she isn’t very strong. Jennifer shows Amanda what true strength is, trapping Amanda between her legs for a vicious headscissor squeeze. Amanda tries to fight out, but is just too weak for Jennifer’s powerfully muscled legs. Jennifer taunts Amanda through various holds, a sitting bearhug, head vise, and body scissors. Jennifer is having the time of her life applying painful hold after hold, while Amanda struggles to break free and suffers. Amanda is left in tears from having her ribs crushed by Jennifer’s merciless body scissors. No wonder Jennifer can’t find roommates!

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