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Stella Danny vs Kirra Blaze – Belly Boxing Rematch
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 18 mins

The 5’0″ Kirra Blaze challenges the 6’1″ Stella Danny… alright, really? I don’t think compliance is going to let us show a murking .. ok ok, moving on.

The tiny Kirra Blaze challenges the giant Glamazon Stella Danny to a belly punching match, having been beaten so badly in their previous boxing match that she apparently forgot it happened. Will she do better with just belly punching?

Fuck no! Stella can’t even feel tiny Kirra’s punches, let alone can they do any damage. But Stella is going to break Little Kirra’s abs down slowly.. a one sided belly punching beatdown that ends up topless, with a bigger girl destroying a tiny helpless jobber.

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