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Irene Silver is Your Dream Session – Maledom POV
Genre: POV Boxing -- Length: 17 mins

Irene Silver is Your Dream Session – Maledom POV Belly Punching, Boxing, Breast Punching

It’s the POV boxing / belly punching session of your dreams. Irene Silver wants to meet up so you can help toughen up her abs, core and breasts for her next set of fights. The best way to do that? Hard training and real punching.

00:43 – 04:58, 12oz boxing glove punches to Irene’s belly and a few to her breasts.
05:39 – 11:23, Irene’s top comes off and so do the boxing gloves, switching to MMA gloves for more punching.
Irene’s belly is getting quite red, but now the MMA gloves come off as well, as Irene’s body is oiled up, rubbed and prepared for another round of pummeling, this time bare fisted.
13:26 – 16:04, Irene’s bare breasts and belly are punched (and caressed) bare knuckle to finish out this dream female fighter training session.

No sounds added, just real gloves punching bare flesh.
A belly puncher and breast puncher’s dream video!
Maledom POV Boxing and Belly Punching

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