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Belly Beatings! Vol 7 – Darrius vs Felicia
Genre: POV Boxing -- Length: 14 mins

Belly Beatings! Vol 7 featuring more real belly punching with no sound FX added to the belly punches. Just the all natural impact sounds and grunts.

Maledom mixed boxing belly punching footage from -
First 3 1/2 minutes: Felicia vs Darrius – Belly punches only with no added sounds
Next 8 mins: Real belly punching from the unreleased 2 Glove Maledom POV boxing featuring Felicia dominated
Final 3 mins: More real belly punching from an unreleased classic style POV with Felicia dominated
POV clips also feature a few knockdowns and struggling to get up sequences.

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Maledom POV Boxing in 1920x1080HD MP4 Two Glove GoPro style

Note that preview clips may have slightly offsynced audio

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