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Blaten Lee vs Darrius Maledom Fistfight
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 16 mins

Blaten Lee is back and the gloves have come off! Looking as fit and buff as ever, Blaten wants to kick Darrius’s ass, but he’s been training too. As the fight starts off, Blaten’s quick, sharp punches SLICE through the air, her well defined muscles ripping with effort. But Darrius deftly avoids and parries them all, then returns with his own big punches, which find their mark right away. Darrius begins to soften Blaten up with punches to the belly, then goes to work on her chin, snapping her head side to side. Darrius works her over in the corner, but Blaten still has a lot of fight left in her. She swings and swings, but just can’t seem to score, while Darrius lands his punches at will, completely dominating the fight. With no holds barred and no real restrictions, Darrius also goes for the crotch, landing some low blows on Blaten. By the end of the first round, she’s been thoroughly dominated and now stripped of her top.

In round 2, Darrius continues to brutalize Blaten Lee, and after a vicious beating in the corner, including forcefully slamming her head in to the turnbuckle, Blaten is begging to show battle damage. Darrius shows no mercy, kicking her in the crouch, throwing her to the ground, and pummeling her belly while she’s down, then stripping Blaten of her shorts. As Blaten struggles to get back up, Darrius lands a brutal kick to her ribs, sending her back to the mats. Darrius continues to dominate Blaten with more punches to the face, breasts, belly and crotch. She shows more and more battle damage, but she does not give up!

By the 3rd round, Blaten is completely nude and just out of it. Darrius picks her up and slams her down on the mat, and continues to slowly pick Blaten apart. After a grueling 3 rounds, the bruised and beaten Blaten Lee can no longer get back up. Darrius is your winner!

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Featuring: “Hardcore” face punching, belly punching, low blows, kicks, some CRAZY blood and brusing battle damage make up, Blaten Lee’s SUPER sexy moans of pain and epic selling, big knockdowns, mouthpieces, hand wraps/taped fists, Blaten stripped fully nude, dominated and defeated by Darrius!
Fantasy maledom mixed fighting featuring “Battle Damage” FX makeup.
No one was was harmed in the making of this video.

Note that preview clips may have slightly offsynced audio

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