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Darrius dominates Delta in a one-sided maledom mixed wrestling match with a focus on lifting and carrying Delta around like a helpless ragdoll!

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Length: 23 mins
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Hollywood wants a rematch, and Goldie steps in to help her out! Darrius is in big trouble this time!

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Length: 11 mins
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Hollywood takes on Darrius in a boxing match, and it’s a slugfest! Back and forth big swinging action until one hits the mat.

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Length: 11 mins
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Misty Stone played Misty Fairweather, taking on Rusty Nails for some mixed boxing. The champ thinks he’s nothing but a chump, but Misty may have been set up!

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Length: 27 mins
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It’s a battle of female wrestling veterans as Hollywood takes on Jennifer Thomas! Jennifer has the strength advantage, but Hollywood’s dirty tricks keeps with wrestling struggle a close match.

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Length: 13 mins
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HTMV69 Mutiny vs Darrius -   Posted on 03/27/2011

This storied rivalry gets even hotter in a mixed MMA fight! Both fighters try to make each other submit and knock the other out. Mutiny is using her female charms for more than just flirting this time, trying to knock Darrius out with breast smothers, ass and crotch smothering. If Mutiny wins, Darrius ends up in a bra and panties. If Darrius wins, Mutiny will LOSE her bra and become Darrius personal punching bag!

HTMV68 Carla vs Duncan Oil -   Posted on 03/21/2011

Carla takes on Duncan for the oil wrestling championship belt! It's slippery and sexy mixed wrestling as Carla has Duncan crushed between her legs while he tries to fight back with headlocks, bearhugs and belly punches.

HTMV67 Cali Logan vs Darrius -   Posted on 03/17/2011

From the archives, this is the mixed boxing match up that started the rivalry between Cali Logan and Darrius. The sexy Cali has no fear as she taunt Darrius before the bell. They both square off and immediately it is speed vs strength, as Cali avoids the big gloves of Darrius. Can this little tigress put Darrius down, or will he make Cali his pretty little punching bag?

HTMV66 Roxy vs Darrius -   Posted on 03/8/2011

Roxy Rockette is a hot newcomer to Hit the Mat with an incredible physique. Darrius is training her in mixed wrestling, but Roxy is already wanting to take him on and show her what she knows. Can the student defeat the teacher?

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HTMC34 Carla vs Duncan Boxing -   Posted on 03/1/2011

The lovely Carla faces off against Duncan again, this time in a mixed boxing match! Carla may have crushed Duncan easily in their past wrestling battles, but she has her hands full with him in this boxing match. This is a 3 round knockouts fight where the round ends when one fighter can’t make the 10 count.

HTMC36 Mutiny vs Darrius Revenge -   Posted on 02/23/2011

Mutiny and Darrius are no strangers having fought in boxing and wrestling matches before. Mutiny immediately begins taunting Darrius about her past victory, and he looks to make her pay! Will Darrius get his revenge??

HTMC35 Frankie and Onyx vs Duncan -   Posted on 02/18/2011

Duncan is the photographer for a scissors photoset between Frankie and Onyx, but makes the terrible mistake of calling them fakes. Both girls prove they aren’t by squeezing him tight between their legs with their powerful scissorholds, then fight each OTHER to prove who is the best!

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