Dannielle vs Jasmine HTM35 Full
Genre: Female Wrestling
Length: 30 mins

Danielle vs Jasmine “Fight for Darrius”, all parts in one discounted download.

Part 1 -
Darrius is teaching some new students, Dannielle and Jasmine, the basics of punching. But they are interested in more than his teaching. When he turns away they push, slap and pull each others hair. Once Darrius leaves them to practice on their own the real trouble starts. Jasmine is pissed at Dannielle for interrupting her private session with Darrius. Dannielle doesn’t give a damn as these two go at each other. They are still new but the quickly learn how to put each other into headlocks, sleepers, and bow and arrow holds. This fight gets dirty as they slam each others heads into the mat, pull hair and choke each other. In this first part, the advantage goes back and forth. Trash talk and taunts are the order of they day as each girl tries to put the other one down and out, so they can have the private attention of Darrius. .

Part 2 -
Dannielle and Jasmine jump right at each other trying to establish dominance. Whichever girl is on top enjoys taunting and playing with their opponent. You can tell they enjoy ripping into each other. Dannielle gets in mount position and chokes the breath out of Jasmine, as she tells her maybe Jasmine can have Darrius after she is done with him. Jasmine reverses and stretches Dannielle’s arms and legs. Jasmine gets on top, pinning Dannielle’s arms and repeatedly smacks Dannielle’s face. Jasmine enjoys bullying her opponent, as she pushing Dannielle around by her face and chest. Dannielle, has no problem fighting dirty, grabs Jasmine in a headlock rubs her face into the ground then pulls on her hair. Jasmine returns the favor grabbing Dannielle’s head and slamming it a few times to the mat to escape. This is a definite catfight, and both girls want to not only win, but to hurt the other girl. At one point Dannielle takes Jasmine down, and they nearly knock each other out clashing heads. As Dannielle tries to shake it off Jasmine quickly grabs her, puts a knee in her back and stretches her out in a kneeling surfboard.

Part 3 -
In the final portion, both girls show a never say attitude as they continue their struggle over who gets Darrius. No clear winner emerges as the go back and forth. This is a catfight, with some wrestling thrown in. Some good take downs, sleepers, and body scissors are applied to each young lady vies for top position. Of course all the dirty tactics are thrown in as well as these two hellcats don’t give a damn! The way the fight ends (double KO), leaves even Darrius wondering what the hell happened.


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Fantasy female wrestling catfight

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