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Beat His Ass! Ziva Crushes Christian
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 17 mins

Ziva Fey has been training for a rematch after her HUMILIATING defeat at the gloves of newcomer Christian Spell. Similar rules as their previous fight, this time with even smaller boxing gloves. With a surprise shot at the start of the round, Ziva takes immediate advantage and is determined to wipe beat that smirk off of Chrisitan’s face! At beat him she does, hitting him when he’s down and not giving him a chance to get back up. Rules? Where we’re going, we don’t need rules.

Ziva pummels Christian in to submission, though he tries to put up a fight and even manages to score a few knockdowns. But he can’t keep the advantage for long, as Ziva cracks him with skull crushing superman punches and double axe handle blows, jabs him to la-la land, and even lands some low blows. She puts her bare feet in his face when he’s down, adding insult to injury. Ziva also lifts up her top to flash a little nipple for some extra distraction, as if the potential brain damage from all the head shots and rabbit punches weren’t enough. Woozy and barely able to stand, Christian crashes to the ground multiple times before he us unable to get up. Ziva brutally hammers away at his unprotected face until he stops moving, and he is counted out. Ziva celebrates her dominating victory by sitting on top of him for a schoolgirl pin, then gets up to put her foot on his chest as she flexes. For the pigtailed Ziva, revenge is sweet!

Fantasy mixed boxing

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