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Male domination in mixed wrestling fights and maledom mixed boxing matches! Hit the Mat is one of the few place where you can find the guy win for a change. Maledom labeled videos are either all out male domination, or a fight where the man dominates most of the match, and wins at the end. Damsels in distress in a combat sports setting.

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HTMV08 Mutiny vs. Darrius -   on 06/4/2010

It seems that Darrius’ reputation in the mixed boxing arena has gone international as Mutiny from Canada graces the HTM studios looking to knock Darrius out cold. In a pre fight interview she doesn’t think Darrius can do anything to her, while Darrius, cocky as always doubts her boxing abilities

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Length: 30 mins
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HTMC10 Cali Logan vs. Darrius -   on 05/25/2010

Cali Logan is bouncing in her corner wearing her blue gloves. The ref explains that this is a special rules boxing match. Ten rounds, each round is ended by a knockout, the winner is whoever has the most knockouts at the end of ten rounds. What follows is a complete mixed boxing squash match! (Remastered in 720P)

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Length: 11 mins
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