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Beautiful blonde bondage model, award winning adult film star and potential future president of the United States, Cherie DeVille!

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Height: 5’5″
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Cherie DeVille wants to keep fighting, thinking you aren’t that tough. Is she right? Will you knock her out again, or get your ass beat down and knocked out this time?

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Length: 11 mins
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Cherie DeVille is back in the ring for some boxing training, and it seems she still has a ways to go! “You” square off against the beautiful blonde brawler, and slowly take her apart. She doesn’t give up without a fight, but it’s not a fight she can win!

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Length: 10 mins
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Cherie DeVille vs Rusty -   on 05/9/2016

Cherie DeVille comes to Hit the Mat, confident she’ll beat the hell out of the weak little wimp she thinks she’s facing. Unfortunately for her, Kay left the country and her opponent is Rusty, who easily took on and dominated the much taller Lauren. Will Cherie suffer the same fate?

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Length: 21 mins
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