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Boxing videos from Hit the Mat! These are all of our boxing videos, from foxy boxing women to hot mixed boxing fights. This includes female domination femdom mixed boxing, and maledom mixed boxing ryona. Hit the Mat boxing videos are typically top ranked on Clips4sale boxing lists. Got an Agonophilia boxing glove fetish? You will love these videos! HTM features a wide variety of boxing glove types.

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HTMV49 Frankie vs. Darrius Rematch -   Posted on 05/25/2010

This is the rematch that people have been waiting for, the match that started it all. Former lovers Frankie and Darrius meet once more in the boxing ring. Frankie has been looking forward to this for a long time. Darrius is cocky knowing what he did to her last time she faced him, and positive he will send her to the canvas once again.

Length: 11 mins
HTMC10 Cali Logan vs. Darrius -   on 05/25/2010

Cali Logan is bouncing in her corner wearing her blue gloves. The ref explains that this is a special rules boxing match. Ten rounds, each round is ended by a knockout, the winner is whoever has the most knockouts at the end of ten rounds. What follows is a complete mixed boxing squash match! (Remastered in 720P)

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HTMC09 Christie Ricci vs. Darrius Rematch -   Posted on 05/25/2010

Not satisfied with the results from their last mixed boxing match, Christie Ricci and Darrius glove up again for another mixed fight! Will the outcome be different this time around?? This is a tough fight with many head snapping punches and back and forth action!

HTMC01 Christie Ricci vs. Darrius -   Posted on 05/25/2010

Christie is shadowboxing expecting to meet her opponent, when Darrius walks in asking what she is doing. Quickly they challenge each other to a boxing match and the fight is on after a sneak attack from Christie. These are two tough fighters and this is one intense mixed boxing match!

Length: 32 mins
HTMV51 Pandora vs Darrius -   on 05/23/2010

We start off this mixed fighting match with both boxers warming up very close to each other; you can feel the intensity as they mentally prepare for the fight. Pandora suddenly smiles as she quietly asks him if he is ready to be busted up. Darrius, unimpressed tells her that he’s heard it all before.

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Length: 35 min
HTMV07 Anna vs Darrius Rematch -   on 05/18/2010

Not satisfied with their last outing Darrius wants another shot at Anna. She gives a post fight interview saying how she is going to send him to the hospital in this match. They go toe to toe and see who will end up flat on there back.

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Length: 30 mins
HTMV06 Anna vs Darrius -   on 05/17/2010

Anna has been hearing how Darrius has been beating up some of her friends, and wants to teach him a lesson. Darrius gladly accepts, and Anna turns into one of his toughest opponents. Hot mixed boxing action, someone is going to get beaten badly!
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Length: 31 mins
HTMV03 Shannon vs Darrius -   on 05/1/2010
Mixed Boxing Shannon vs Darrius

Darrius is shadowboxing in the ring when Shannon, a friend of Frankie, enters the ring. Shannon is pissed that Darrius broke up with and beat up Frankie. She challenges Darrius to a match, if she wins, Frankie gets her stuff back, and if he wins, he gets to have Shannon. Nine rounds of grueling boxing leaves one boxer flat on their back.

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Length: 30 mins
HTMV01 Frankie vs Darrius -   on 04/28/2010

Frankie and Darrius star as two ex-lovers who let a boxing match settle their differences, and determine who gets the others stuff. This hot mixed boxing action goes on back and forth for many rounds, until one takes the lead and begins to dominate! It can only end in a knock out.
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