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Nicole Oring Femdom POV Boxing -   on 05/18/2012

Hot Asian Nicole Oring packs quite a punch in this Femdom POV boxing custom video! See what it’s like to get in the ring with the Asian hottie and get pummeled around the ring for almost 10 minutes straight. Lots of trash talking as Nicole dominates “you” easily! See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW for $11.99. Watch the Preview Clip

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Jennifer Thomas takes on Nicole Oring in a foxy boxing match in the vein of our previous “silly boxing” fights like Shannon vs Onyx and Frankie vs Raquel, featuring exaggerated expressions, eye rolls, cartoony sound effect and all around sexy fun. See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.


Nicole Oring wants revenge after Helena kicked her ass in their previous fight. She makes a deal with the devil and hires Darrius to help her out. The two double team Helena viciously with lots of two on one belly punching, chokes, holds and an all around beatdown. But Darrius and Nicole’s old rivalry continues to flare, and Nicole will soon regret making a deal with him.
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Helena is pissed at Nicole Oring, and Nicole is in for the fight of her life. Helena dominates and destroys Nicole, although Nicole does attempt and admirable offense. A battered and defeated Nicole is left plotting her revenge after this vicious fantasy catfight.

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The boxing battle of fake tits vs real tits continues! Both girls are still lively and trading punches, their breasts bouncing with each hit. After knocking Kymberly down, Nicole starts dishing out some real breast punishment as she pounds away on Kym’s tits. They continue to trade blows, but Nicole’s focus on Kymberly’s boobs has Kym aching and rubbing them as she gets knocked down. Then Nicole starts dishing out low blows, landing an uppercut between Kym’s legs! Kym’s had enough, and starts giving Nicole a taste of her own medicine. This match features tit punching, belly punching, a little cunt busting, as well as hot boxing action! Once Kym has Nicole down and really, she adds insult to injury with some major breast smothering! After beating Nicole down some more, Kym finishes her off with a big uppercut, and bounces as she dances around in victory proclaiming real boobs are better! See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.


Topless boxing! Kymberly Jane is stripping out of her top in preparation of her match with Nicole Oring. Nicole comments on how Kymberly’s tits are not as nice and perky as hers. Kymberly loves her tits, and thinks that her bigger real are better than Nicole’s fake tits any day. Heated words lead the girls to glove up and go at each other, in this. Both girls knock each other around, but Nicole doing a little boob boxing seems to target Kymberly’s tits early and often. Kymberly complains that Nicole is fighting dirty, but Nicole mocks her, and pounds more on Kymberly’s boobs. Kymberly is able to comeback landing some hard punches to Nicole’s face, body and, breasts! Both girls hit the canvas as the battle over the better breast takes a heavy toll. Who will win this boxing boob battle? See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.


Cali Logan takes on Nicole Oring in a female boxing match! With Darrius as the referee?? Right from the very start, neither of the girls are happy to see Darrius in the same ring with them. The boxing match starts and as Cali and Nicole are trading blows, Darrius begins to interfere. While at first it looks like he’s in Cali’s corner, both girls quickly find out he takes no sides and is out to do whatever he pleases. Darrius holds Nicole’s arms back so Cali has free shots to her belly, and then does the same to Nicole! Apparently, Darrius is out to prove he can be impartial. The boxing action is sexy with a bit of humor.
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Video Prices: DVD : 28.00 :: WMV : 26.00 :: HTMC32 Paris vs Nicole -   Posted on 01/31/2011

Two of the HOTTEST women in the industry, Paris Kennedy and Nicole Oring take each other on in a belly punching contest! They trade punch after punch for three rounds, the loser of the previous round taking penalty punches at the start of the next. Which of these lovely ladies will be standing over the other at the end??

Video Prices: DVD : 16.00 :: WMV : 14.00 :: HTMC27 Amanda vs Nicole Boxing -   Posted on 01/2/2011

Amanda and Nicole glove up for a sexy female boxing match! There is no love lost between these boxing beauties, as each girl is sent to the canvas a few times. No Rounds, no rest, no ref, just hot boxing action. The action swings back and forth as each girl gains the upper hand. These are some kick ass girls!

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Video Prices: DVD : 30.00 :: WMV : 15.00 :: HTMV62 Sofia vs Nicole -   Posted on 12/11/2010

Full catfight wrestling match between Sofia and Nicole! In Sofia’s first match at Hit the Mat, she takes on the veteran Nicole Oring, and it’s no easy fight for Nicole! Sofia is strong and likes to fight dirty, can Nicole use her skills and experience to fend her off??

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