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Mixed Wrestling Beatdown - Darrius and Nicole vs Helena Part 2 -

Darrius and Nicole vs Helena Part 2
Genre: Mixed Wrestling Beatdown
Length: 16 mins
Nicole, upset at the beatdown she received at the hands of Helena, contacts Darrius to help out with some revenge. It's not the easiest of arrangements, since neither Nicole or Darrius like each other. Nicole lures Helena in for a rematch then springs the trap, and Darrius plus Nicole double team Helena and beat her down. Lots of 2 on one belly punching as Nicole and Darrius take their turns on Helena, chokes and painful holds. Nicole and Darrius can't resist taking shots at each other though, and once Helena is taken care of, Darrius takes out Nicole as well. Vengeance has a price!
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2 on 1 belly punching

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