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We peel back the curtain and look behind the scenes of Shelly Martinez vs Darrius, a mixed boxing classic. Unedited B-roll footage catches things that happen after the cameras stop rolling, and even some things you might not have expected while they are!

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Length: 30 mins
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From the vault, Angel Williams vs Shelly Martinez 2008 apartment wrestling. Recaptured and edited at a higher bitrate or the full download. 30mins of female wrestling for $19.99!

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Length: 32 mins
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From the vault: A 2008 pro-style female wrestling match between serious rivals Frankie Z and Shelly Martinez. These two don’t like each other and really look to dominate and make the other suffer in 25 minutes of pro wrestling action.

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Length: 25 mins
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Belly Pain

Shelly Martinez vs Frankie Zappitelli in a belly punching catfight! Long time rivals face off once again, arguing over who is tougher. Great reactions to the punches!

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Length: 22 mins
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Shelly Martinez gets challenged by Raquel for a belly punching contest! Raquel thinks her tight abs can take the punishment, and Shelly thinks her own abs are more than up to the challenge. Very sexy fantasy catfight! – Belly Punching
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Length: 21 mins
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HTMC26 Raquel vs Shelly -   Posted on 12/29/2010

A female wrestling match that starts over a dispute on who’s biting whose style. Raquel challenges Shelly to a wrestling match; the loser of the match loses her boots! They go back and forth with leg locks, arm bars, Boston crabs, standing surfboards, punches, kicks, elbows, knees, clothesline, hair mares, body scissors and more!

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HTMC04 Frankie Z vs Shelly -   Posted on 08/29/2010

The long legged sensation Frankie Zappitelli takes on Shelly Martinez in a knock-down, drag-out gritty catfight in a private ring. What starts out as a submissions wrestling match ends up becoming a vicious street brawl, going from chokes and scissorholds, to belly punching and breast hits. One girl submits to a guillotine choke settling the question of who is tougher, for now.

HTMV16 Shelly vs. Darrius -   on 06/14/2010

This video contains the first match and the rematch!
Shelly is a trained boxer and thinks she has what it takes to easily knock out Darrius. But will she?

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Length: 42 mins
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Status: Retired

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