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HTMC26 Raquel vs Shelly
Genre: Female Pro Wrestling -- Length: 15 mins

Rquel vs. Shelly Battle for the Boots! Both Shelly Martinez and Raquel are wearing similar black boots with pink laces, as one accuses the other of stealing the style. Raquel challenges Shelly to a wrestling match; the loser of the match loses her boots! They square off locking up, as Raquel puts Shelly in a headlock, and tosses her around the ring. Raquel starts to dominate in the early minutes of this match, but Shelly comes back with painful leg drop. The break apart, only to come back at each other with increased intensity, Shelly puts Raquel in a figure four leg lock, trying to tear the legs off of Raquel to get to the boots, not to be outdone, Raquel returns the favor. Shelly grabs for the ropes, calling Raquel a cheater, and saying she must have learned that from one of Raquel’s friends. This infuriates Raquel as she pounces on Shelly in the corner. They go back and forth with leg locks, arm bars, Boston crabs, standing surfboards, punches, kicks, elbows, knees, clothesline, hair mares, body scissors and more! These girls really want the boots. Finally one girl submits the other girl with a Mexican Ceiling hold, and the winner strips the boots off of her victim. The loser is left lying on the canvas barefoot, and wanting a rematch.

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Spoiler: Raquel Wins

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