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Raquel vs Onyx Wrestling 2006
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 25 mins

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Raquel meets up with her former partner “Bronco Billie”, but it seems Billie may have turned to the dark side. Now known as “Onyx” and something of a cheater, she’s tired of being nice and prefers to win her matches any way possible. Raquel, the babyface, challenges Onyx and whoever loses, must “turn” to the other side. Onyx must return to a babyface if she loses, and Raquel must become a heel if she loses. Raquel tries to play by the rules, but Onyx certainly isn’t! It’s a long, punishing battle between two former friends, and neither wants to submit. Just when it looks like Raquel has won and she gets Onyx to submit, Onyx betrays and attacks Raquel! Onyx has no intention of ever becoming a baby face again, and beats that lesson in to Raquel.

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