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HTMC29 Raquel vs Duncan
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 12 mins

No one really knows why these two are in the ring, but they have a matter to resolve, and the ring is where it’s going to get done! Raquel takes the advantage early from the lock up throwing Duncan with a snap mare, then stomps and kicks him a few times. Raquel’s mean streak shines through, as she puts Duncan in a series of holds that put his limited flexibility far beyond where has gone before. His arms, back, neck, and legs are all subject to her torturous attacks. Duncan finally goes on the attack, using his superior strength to power out, and now it is his turn for payback. Head butts, body slams, body shots, and back breakers are only some of the things Duncan does to Raquel. Not to be outdone, Raquel comes back with some more brutal pro-style moves that show just how dangerous she can be. The tide shifts back and forth until one is with a sleeper hold, and then counted out. No matter how peaceful the loser looks, the unknown matter is far from resolved.

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