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Hollywood gets destroyed by Darrius! A fantasy mixed boxing beatdown of Hollywood as Darrius uses ALL of the gloves as his disposal to pummel poor Hollywood senseless.
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Hollywood Beats Down Rusty! -   on 09/28/2012

Hollywood wants to learn Kickboxing from Rusty in his first HTM video. She doesn’t like his style and shows him that she can fight well enough already!
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Hollywood makes short work of Duncan in a mixed wrestling match, pissing him off. He takes a swing at her, and when she catches his fist she proceeds to beat him down in a totally one sided bare fisted fight. A fantasy femdom fight for lovers of bare knuckle beatdowns.
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Someone’s getting their ass whupped! Darrius takes on wrestler Hollywood in a mixed wrestling and spanking match, a different kind of “bum fight”
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Video Prices: DVD : 21.00 :: WMV : 19.00 :: HTMC28 Hollywood vs Masked Mauler -   Posted on 12/31/2010

The Masked Mauler returns! Hollywood has heard the Masked Mauler likes hardcore mixed wrestling matches, and challenges him to one on the mats. Hollywood looks stunning in her gold bikini, and her wrestling skills give her an early advantage over the masked male, but before long this match goes back and forth, and one wrestler is left on the ground in pain!

Video Prices: DVD : 15.00 :: WMV : 13.00 :: HTMC17 Live Mixed Wrestling Tag Match -   Posted on 09/25/2010

This pro-style mixed wrestling tag team match was recorded live and is the only one of its kind at HTM. Hollywood and Christie Ricci team up to take on Duncan and Darrius in a pro-wrestling style mixed tag team match. But not your typical WWE style tag match where girls fight girls and guys fight guys. Here, it’s girls VS guys, true intergender tag team wrestling!

Video Prices: DVD : 21.00 :: WMV : 19.00 :: HTMC05 Hollywood vs Onyx -   Posted on 09/11/2010

This hard hitting women’s wrestling match is already underway as Hollywood and Onyx are out for each others’ blood! Belly punches, sleeper holds, kicks and more are exchanged as the tide of battle swings back and forth between these vicious vixens. Neither girl wants to give as they pour their heart and soul into this fight.

Video Prices: DVD : 12.00 :: WMV : 9.00 :: HTMC16 Hollywood vs Darrius -   Posted on 09/4/2010

Hollywood and Darrius glove up again in this hard-hitting mixed boxing rematch. This is a knock-down drag-out, all out BRAWL and the loser of this intense boxing match may want to hang up the gloves for good after such a vicious beating!

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Video Prices: DVD : 30.00 :: WMV : 29.00 :: HTMV10 Hollywood vs. The Professor -   Posted on 05/29/2010

Welcome to the School of Hard Knocks! Hollywood faces off against the professor when she lands herself in detention for not doing her homework, and the only way to get out is through the professor in the ring!

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