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Mixed Boxing - Hollywood vs Rusty II - Mixed Boxing

Hollywood vs Rusty II – The Rematch
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 25 mins

A rematch four years in the making! Hollywood is still one of the top players in the game, but Rusty has been leaving a trail of bodies since his return earlier this year. Will Hollywood fare as well in a pure boxing match as she did during their first fight? Scroll below for the full spoiler/description

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Mixed Boxing Ryona Beatdown
Rusty toys with Hollywood early on while Hollywood swings hard but can’t seem to land a good hit. Hollywood feels she is losing ground as she’s picked apart slowly, trying to keep her defense up only to get overwhelmed. She even ends up with her own gloves smacking her in the face! Hollywood is outclassed and often winds up on her ass. Rusty makes sure she won’t forget who he is after handing her this defeat, then he punishes her some more on the heavy bag.
- Fantasy mixed boxing in 1080P HD
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Hollywood vs Rusty II
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