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Jennifer’s Wrecking Revenge!
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 19 mins

We recap Hollywood and Nicole’s “hit” on Jennifer, and come back to see Jennifer working her way out of the restraints. Jennifer pretends to be out as Nicole and Hollywood come back in, then ambushes them from behind, banging their heads together and holding them in a vicious skull vice grip. It’s payback time! Jennifer’s agonizing grip brings them to the floor, where she sits on them to humiliate her previous dominators. Jennifer then puts them BOTH in her scissors, squeezing them out with ease! While Hollywood is left limp, Jennifer decides to focus her torment on Nicole, continuing to squeeze her with more scissorholds. Once Jennifer has had her fun, she carries the limp Nicole away. Don’t mess with Jennifer!


Note that preview clips may have slightly offsynced audio
HTM Wrestling
Fantasy wrestling custom squash match domination featuring lots of scissorholds!
Starring: Jennifer Thomas, Hollywood and Nicole Oring
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